Edu*press – Common Core Resources

Handy flip books put the new language arts and math standards at teachers’ fingertips! Help teachers apply standards to their current lesson plans and build additional lessons around Common Core requirements Each K–5 book features the complete Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy and Math for the individual grade level, 6 […]

THE MAILBOX Sets Standards for Meeting Standards

Common Core Lessons  –  Across the Curriculum Evan-Moor’s resources provide easy-to-use lessons that teach and practice basic reading, writing, math, and communication skills, all essential for Common Core mastery.  They evaluated their wealth of resources and identified a collection of titles as “Top Picks.”  The Common Core Top Picks:  1 Emphasize the basic skills found in […]

DIDAX – Activities for Money

  Using real or play money allows students to become familiar with coin names and their values.   Add dice to this and students catch on quickly as they engage in circle races, play Banking, Tic-Tac-Toe, Money Bingo, Go Around, and much more!  The more they play the more they  gain fluency in adding, subtracting, […]

DIDAX – Activities for Multiplications

Using ordinary dice can help your students develop a quick recall of multiplication facts.  These “Classroom-tested” activities reinforce number patterns while developing fluency with facts 2-12, and they emphasize commutative properties, as well as including probability and graphs.  The DVD “Dice Activites for Multiplication” features seven different types of activities that can be tailored to […]


Critical Thinking GLYPHS can be used to present concepts required by the COMMON CORE STANDARDS !  Parents do you know what a GLYPH is?  Teacher’s know, it is a pictograph or hieroglyph, and is a way to collect, display, and interpret data. Using glyphs to teach math skills (like counting, sorting, making tally marks, combining […]


 Are you wondering how to incorporate science, technology, engineering, and math PLUS collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and digital literacy all into the PreK-K curriculum? You can do it with the project-based learning units and scaffolded activities in this book.  Students will design and create while learning and playing in activity centers!  The book also […]

LEARNING RESOURCES Light-Up Pointers/Stopwatches

Light-Up Hand Pointer, Set of 10 HAVE FUN POINTING!  These 15″ interactive pointers are fun for games or role play in a classroom.  My grandkids just love them as night play on the patio or taking on vacation to help night time as they point to things they see outside the car!   Fun colors […]


  10-Sided Dice in Dice, 72 ct Double-decahedra dice cover twice the probability concepts! • Features 10-sided shape on both interior and exterior die for teaching statistics, predictions and outcomes, plus more advanced probability concepts. • Supports hands-on number and operations activities • Includes plastic dice in 5 colors (outer dice measure 1″ each), plus […]


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