Teaching Children not to be RUDE!

While scrolling through Pinterest I came across this picture (below) of toothpaste emptied out onto a plate. Its an simple activity about being kind and the affects of bullying others. If you haven’t had a chance to try this activity be sure to at least give this article a read through! Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/489836896944600306/ Creator’s site: […]


Captain Creative Paints are thick, creamy and true colors. They do not fade or crack when they dry. It is washable paint. I did a comparison test of other well known brands and found that the color RED in Captain Creative Paints is the truest of any red paint on the market.  They also have […]

DIDAX – Activities for Money

  Using real or play money allows students to become familiar with coin names and their values.   Add dice to this and students catch on quickly as they engage in circle races, play Banking, Tic-Tac-Toe, Money Bingo, Go Around, and much more!  The more they play the more they  gain fluency in adding, subtracting, […]


These cute treasure chests are sized to hold CDs, but can be used  for classroom  rewards, notes, or a great party favor !  My grandkids love putting buttons and other sewing notions in these cute containers.  They think they are creating their own treasure!  I also keep one with special treats in it for when […]


For Parents or Teachers with kids that love to help. Whether in the classroom, kitchen or workshop this is the perfect step stool!  They’ll love the plastic stool, sized just for them,  which allows them to reach a table or counter easily! Comes in : Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. Glossy finish and measures 12.25 x […]


 Whimsical, energetic, cute and colorful is the new “TREND Owl Stars Collection“!  You’ve never seen owls like these! If you allow them to swoop into your classroom they can assist with organization, class rules, and all sorts of fun learning activities.  WHAT I REALLY LOVE IS HOW ALL OF TREND’S BULLETIN BOARD SETS CAN BE […]

Kenkraft Candy Sticks

Yummy old fashioned candy sticks are a classic treat!  They come in a variety of colors and flavors like blueberry candy, bubblegum candy, cinnamon candy, hawaiian candy, marshmallow candy, watermelon candy or mystery flavor and many more. This classic treat is available for purchase at each Utah Idaho Retail store.

IZZI-Game & Puzzle

            Match Wits with IZZI If you’ve been craving a new type of game/puzzle, IZZI is it! Challenging ; yet easy to learn! Just match the 64 IZZI tiles to create a square.  The only rule to IZZI – the edges of each touching tile must match – black touches black […]

Three-Corner Math Flash Cards

Three-Corner® Math Flash Cards Pack Combo Sets                              Can’t seem to catch the interest of 1st or second graders to practice math skills.   Try using cute, brightly colored Three-Corner Math Flash Cards.  They are self-checking cards that teach math operations and […]


In Late November, Christopher ” pops in” to homes all over the world and helps Santa watch over the children. Each night when the children are asleep, Christopher finds a new hiding place. And in the morning the search is on!. For generations, thousands of families have shared the story of Christopher Pop-In-Kins. Now, you […]