TREND stopped by to show us some fun, new ways to decorate your room or classroom!

Colorful examples and clear definitions make it easy to introduce key algebra concepts: Vocabulary, Properties, How to Solve An Equation, Order of Operations, Graphing, and Formulas.

Fractions Dominos Challenge Cards

Want a “Fun and Easy” way to teach fractions – wholes through twelfths? You can match visual and numerical fractions as you increase students understanding of fractions, equivalent fractions, and graphic representations of actual fractional parts.  These versatile game-like activities extend learning and add fun while practicing skills and reviews. Activities can adapt to a […]


Argus Posters encourage students to think differently, act in positive ways, and show respect for themselves and others.  The popular choice for all ages. They cover relevant messages, dynamic graphics and photos, plus they are durable and reusable.  They measure 13 3/8″ X 19″. Available at all Utah Idaho Retail stores and Online at


 Whimsical, energetic, cute and colorful is the new “TREND Owl Stars Collection“!  You’ve never seen owls like these! If you allow them to swoop into your classroom they can assist with organization, class rules, and all sorts of fun learning activities.  WHAT I REALLY LOVE IS HOW ALL OF TREND’S BULLETIN BOARD SETS CAN BE […]

TREND Sock Monkeys

Use adorable sock monkeys to help students with their planning and tracking. You can even track the weather and special occasions or seasons. Package  includes a 17 1/2″ x 23 1/4″ calendar, a weather graph, a weather wheel, seasons card with slider, 33 numbers, 12 month headers, 44 special days, one blank header, and Yesterday, […]


States & Capitals Pocket Flash Cards Teacher-created, child-tested cards are ideal for showing each state in its regional context at school, at home, or on the go! Cards include information about the 50 states, state capitals, 5 U.S. regions, original 13 Colonies, and the District of Columbia. Handy 3 1/8″ x 5″ size. Cards feature […]


BINGO with new concepts in teaching such things as Math Skills, The Alphabet, Initial Consonants, Money and much more.                   Prices range from $6.49 to $21.99 but are subject to change as supply costs change. There are three featured here: Basic Bingo Game:   Comes with colorful spinner […]

Three-Corner Math Flash Cards

Three-Corner® Math Flash Cards Pack Combo Sets                              Can’t seem to catch the interest of 1st or second graders to practice math skills.   Try using cute, brightly colored Three-Corner Math Flash Cards.  They are self-checking cards that teach math operations and […]


We are going Bananas on January 25th 2013 from 5pm – 8pm ONLY the ENTIRE store 20% OFF Regular Clearance: was 30% off now 50% off was 50% off now 70% off Select bulletin board sets $2.00 Double Smart Pocket Charts Cards $2.00 Select Nameplates, Bookmarks, & Notepads .50 cents Clearance charts .50 cents each […]