MAGFORMERS is one of our best sellers. Kids love these! These Magformers Triangles will be a great addition to any Magformers collection. Come and pick some up today!


Pretend & Play School

Pretend & Play® School, 38″ long x 16″ high, Set of 149
Playing school encourages curiosity and makes children feel more comfortable when they attend school for the first time. This 149-piece set includes everything you need for the ultimate pretend classroom: gradebook, stickers, hall passes, clock, bell, dry-erase board, calendar, double-sided map, and much more in a convenient trifold board. Made of nylon with hook-and-loop fastener pockets. Measures 38″ long x 16″ high.


Glitter Glue Super Sparkle

CRAYOLA-Super Sparkle Washable Glitter Glue  comes package with:  yellow, red, clear, blue and green glitter. Each tube is 0.35 fluid ounces. Great for decorating, adding sparkle to your art.  NOT for use on skin but product is Non – toxic. Conforms to ASTM D4236 (standard warnings used in labeling of art products).

 Available at all Utah Idaho Retail Stores

Crayola Super Sparkle Glitter Glue

Farkle Game

Farkle is one of my families favorite games!  Age 5 and up but – we all play together using it as a way to strengthen math skills while having a great laugh.  Just hoping you won’t “Farkle”!


Crayola 12 Count Crayons

Crayola 12 Ct Crayons


Classic Crayola crayons are designed with a focus on true color, smooth application , and durability.  They are absolutely a must for every child’s creativity!

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5 Second Rule

Can you name 3 breeds of dogs?  Great – but can you do it under the pressure of 5 seconds zipping down, and everyone else staring at you!  Time is not on your side… so just say what comes to mind letting ridiculous answers slip out as time twirls down on the timer! Great fun is this fast-paced game where you can Just Spit It Out!™  Game says ages 10 to adult, however I have played with 8 year old grandchildren and they loved it.  Requires at least 3 players.Contents: 576 Questions on 288 Cards, 5-Second Twisted Marble Timer, Rules

5 Second Rule

The Game “SUSPEND”

Melissa & Doug Suspend:  A balancing game as easy to understand as it is difficult to master. This game comes with 24 notched, rubber-tipped wire pieces that hang from a tabletop stand provided. Each turn, a new piece is added to the transforming vertical sculpture, causing the balance to shift and the difficulty to increase.  This balancing game tests your nerves and helps develop hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, and interpersonal skills. Suggested for ages 8 and older.

Suspend Game