Paper Bag Fall Tree

Paper Bag Fall Tree1

  Paper Bag Fall Tree Creator’s Site: Pikadilly Charm Pinterest What you’ll need: -Brown paper lunch bags -Scissors -Glue -Paper (Fall colors)   1- Cut lunch bag into half inch strips.  Start at the opening and cut half way down the bag. 2- Open bag and stand it up. 3- Hold base of bag with one […]

Hygloss – Happy Pumpkins Border

A Classroom Border – “Happy Pumpkins” borders can be a pleasant bulletin board decoration at any time of year, but you may want to save these lovely classroom decorations for Halloween or your fall lesson plans. The pre-cut classroom borders come in 12 strips, each 3″ x 36″.  There are additional “Happy Pumpkins” decorations for […]

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Carson Dellosa – Colorful Owls

Whooo doesn’t love these darling owls?  You can get these 36 brightly colored owl cut-outs printed on sturdy card stock in 12 assorted designs and colors.  Besides these owls –  you can get a Behavior Bulletin Board Set, Owl Borders, Owl Holiday Set, Owl Crowns, Owl Collection Bulletin Board Set, and don’t forget to get […]

Kenkraft Candy Sticks

Yummy old fashioned candy sticks are a classic treat!  They come in a variety of colors and flavors like blueberry candy, bubblegum candy, cinnamon candy, hawaiian candy, marshmallow candy, watermelon candy or mystery flavor and many more. This classic treat is available for purchase at each Utah Idaho Retail store.


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MATHDICE Jr by Thinkfun JR.

MATHDICE Jr Builds math confidence in young kids! You just roll the 12 sided Target Die & the five 6 sided Scoring Dice, then combine the scoring numbers using addition & or subtraction. You will then move along the scoring track which is on the bag that you keep the dice in, one space for […]


In Late November, Christopher ” pops in” to homes all over the world and helps Santa watch over the children. Each night when the children are asleep, Christopher finds a new hiding place. And in the morning the search is on!. For generations, thousands of families have shared the story of Christopher Pop-In-Kins. Now, you […]

Thanksgiving J-I-N-G-O

Thanksgiving J-I-N-G-O is a Bingo style game that is played just like bingo but pictures replace numbers on the players card & you learn fun & interesting facts about the holiday. JINGO is perfect game to play after your Thanksgiving feast! Pick one up today! 2-30 players Tokens not included BUY NOW