Paper Bag Fall Tree

  Paper Bag Fall Tree Creator’s Site: Pikadilly Charm Pinterest What you’ll need: -Brown paper lunch bags -Scissors -Glue -Paper (Fall colors)   1- Cut lunch bag into half inch strips.  Start at the opening and cut half way down the bag. 2- Open bag and stand it up. 3- Hold base of bag with one […]


When school takes a summer recess … don’t let your child’s learning recess! Summer Bridge Activities® is an award winning series of workbooks aligned to Common Core State Standards.  It was developed to assist parents in supporting their child’s academics year-round.  In just 15 minutes a day, the activities in the Summer Bridge Activities® workbook […]

Waba Fun Kinetic Sand

WABA Fun’s Kinetic Sand is their first product that breathes motion. THis “Easy-to-shape” sand molds into simple desktop designs and requires no water. Playing with it is magical and mesmerizing. It gives a sense of peace while creating.  Great for ages 3 and up.   Available at all Utah Idaho Retail stores Visit us online […]


  Look at this awesome Laptop Lap Tray. Sure to be a best-seller, and great for anyone. Perfect for kids to use in a  small group activity, or use as a party favor. Two side pockets can hold math manipulatives, crayons, coloring books or small toys.  Think of  how great these would be for kids in the […]


  Same great design as the Book Basket only the Letter Basket is larger.  It has many great uses i.e. art supplies, math supplies,  classroom papers to be handed in or assignments to picked up and don’t forget library storage.  Each basket features a Label Holder built into one handle, and it’s larger size is […]


These cute treasure chests are sized to hold CDs, but can be used  for classroom  rewards, notes, or a great party favor !  My grandkids love putting buttons and other sewing notions in these cute containers.  They think they are creating their own treasure!  I also keep one with special treats in it for when […]


For Parents or Teachers with kids that love to help. Whether in the classroom, kitchen or workshop this is the perfect step stool!  They’ll love the plastic stool, sized just for them,  which allows them to reach a table or counter easily! Comes in : Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. Glossy finish and measures 12.25 x […]


Ask your children if they want to go outdoors for a hike, and listen to their moans of protest. But if you tell them you are going on a high-tech treasure hunt for a “geocache,” (pronounced geo-cash) and watch their excitement! The outdoor adventure game of geocaching combines technology with the thrill of finding a hidden box […]

708 Paiute ATV Trail Map

Looking for the best comprehen-sive recreational map for Utah’s Paiute ATV   Trails?  This is the map!  It covers: Fishlake National Forest; BLM – Sevier River Resource Area; Millard, Sevier and Paiute counties; complete map of Paiute ATV Trail with adjoining loop trails and town access maps; Fillmore; Richfield; Koosharem; Marysvale; Geenwich and Circleville. Piute, Otter […]

709 – Wasatch Front/Strawberry Valley Trail

A Trails Illustrated topographic map is the most comprehensive recreational map for Utah’s Wasatch Front/Strawberry Valley.                                                          Areas covered: Uinta and Southern Wasatch National Forests; Twin Peaks, Lone […]