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Summer Fit Learning

Summer Fit Books 7-8

        Is Your Child Ready for Eighth Grade ?


(1) Math –  geometry and advanced algebra concepts

(2) Science – is weighty & hands-on, introducing lab reports.  Topics might include heredity, reproduction, and adaptation.

(3) Language arts – persuasive and expository writing.  (Ability to infer meaning, to draw conclusions, and to relate one passage to another)

(4) Social Studies – Participate in class discussions that relate the past to the present in detail.

Is your child ready to discuss topics with a guidance counselor, i.e.: high school, college, and even careers. Exploring all available paths to choose.Can your child organize?

Can he/she keep a journal of assignments and prioritize?

Summer Fit Workbooks will help your child retain and prepare them for a successful 8th grade year.

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International Flags

US Flag


4X6″  Flags from around the world or your favorite state.   Great for children’s school reports or celebrating a specific country and to celebrate the Olympics  I chose the United States Flag to display, but there are so many others to choose from.

Available at all Utah Idaho Retail stores.


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National Geographic Wall Maps

Nat Geo 1020567


The National Geographic Wall Maps have been designed especially for kids.  They are easy to read and will advance children’s understanding of the World and United States.  The maps measure 51″ X 40″ and are laminated for durability.  They are perfect for young learners and great for classrooms or kids bedrooms!

Available at all Utah Idaho Retail stores

Browse more wall maps online at


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US States & Capitals (Trend)

States & Capitals
Pocket Flash Cards

Teacher-created, child-tested cards are ideal for showing each state in its regional context at school, at home, or on the go! Cards include information about the 50 states, state capitals, 5 U.S. regions, original 13 Colonies, and the District of Columbia. Handy 3 1/8″ x 5″ size. Cards feature rounded corners for quick sorting. 56 two-sided cards.            Appropriate for ages 8 to 12.                                            Purchase at any of our Retail Stores


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License Plate Game

Road trip?   Add excitement to travel with the License Plate Game. “LPG and forget your MPG”!!!  This sturdy, reusable classic travel game can teach as well as entertain.  Learn the name and location of all fifty states.  Trying to identify as many states as possible by their license plate design occupies children.  You can simply plot your trip by flipping the states along your route.  However you use this game it makes on the go fun!

No loose pieces to leave a trail!  Perfect for ages 5 & up.


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Activa Beach Sand

Activa Beach Sand™, 3 lbs.

Activa Beach Sand is a natural sculpting sand that is easy and fun to use. It is waterproof and non-toxic.  You can build a castle and the moat around it, then fill the moat with water!  Students can create exciting landscapes or topographical maps that can be painted. *Remember you can include rivers & lakes that actually hold water. This special sand is designed for creative use indoors or out.   Made for sand & water tables.  Perfect for all ages, it can be used over and over again!  Imagine the art projects you and your children can create.

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Inside this kit you’ll find great information about the election process, political parties, campaigning, debates, the electoral college, roles of media, and lots more! This is a great way to teach the civics and government content in state and national social studies standards. You can use your Classroom Elections Kit year after year.


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There are over 600 places labeled on the Hugg-A-Planet, Earth. A real globe but soft. “Kids toss it like a ball and hug it like a friend”. The Large one is over 2 feet wide & the small one is 12″ wide. Come in today to see how cuddly these are.

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