Summer Fit Learning

Summer Fit Books 7-8

        Is Your Child Ready for Eighth Grade ?


(1) Math –  geometry and advanced algebra concepts

(2) Science – is weighty & hands-on, introducing lab reports.  Topics might include heredity, reproduction, and adaptation.

(3) Language arts – persuasive and expository writing.  (Ability to infer meaning, to draw conclusions, and to relate one passage to another)

(4) Social Studies – Participate in class discussions that relate the past to the present in detail.

Is your child ready to discuss topics with a guidance counselor, i.e.: high school, college, and even careers. Exploring all available paths to choose.Can your child organize?

Can he/she keep a journal of assignments and prioritize?

Summer Fit Workbooks will help your child retain and prepare them for a successful 8th grade year.

Sunworks Construction Paper

Sunworks Construction Paper

Sunworks Construstion Paper

Sunworks is a brightly colored, all-purpose, high bulk, high strength, smooth textured heavyweight groundwood construction paper.  It has long, strong fibers that cut clean and fold evenly without cracking. Electricity is used to make this paper and is generated from 100% hydro power. It is also made with a chemical-free pulping process to help ensure a cleaner environment.     Completely Recyclable.

Available at all UTAH IDAHO Retail stores and online at

Chenille Kraft Modeling Dough

CK - Modeling Dough

Chenille Krafts dough is made of the finest quality materials. All artists young or old will love the feel of this squeezable dough. Brilliant colors can be combined to create new colors. Non-toxic and non-staining.  There is a Primary Colors Bucket (4pkgs-3oz each) OR an Assorted Colors Bucket (8pkgs-4oz each as featured).

The solid color dough comes in 3.3 lb. tubs with secure-fitting lids to keep dough soft and pliable. Especially ideal for toddlers and young children. Colors include:  blue, white, green, orange, purple, red, yellow, or in an assorted set of 6.  CK-Modeling Dough 3.3#



Then there is the awesome 1# tubs of Modeling Dough in 6 multi cultural colors.  This dough is also non-toxic, non-staining, squeezable and comes in easy-to-store buckets.

CK Modeling Dough Multicultural


Available at Utah Idaho Retail Stores and online at


LEARNING RESOURCES Light-Up Pointers/Stopwatches

LER Lighted Pointers

Light-Up Hand Pointer, Set of 10

HAVE FUN POINTING!  These 15″ interactive pointers are fun for games or role play in a classroom.  My grandkids just love them as night play on the patio or taking on vacation to help night time as they point to things they see outside the car!


LER Buzzers

Fun colors and “easy-to-use” stopwatches!           The 3-button function is simple and great for all types of classroom activities ie: science labs,  fluency readings, math exercises and more.     MOMS time your kids chores at home !

  • Their large display shows minutes, seconds and 1/100 seconds
  • They measures 3″H
  • There are only 3 buttons (green for go, red for stop, and yellow for clear)
  • They come with one 1.5 Volt  button-cell battery
  • Colors may vary
  • Great for grades K and up or time chores at home!

Available at all Utah Idaho retail stores.

Sedimentary Rock Collection Kit

Sedimentary Rock Collection

Warning Label


GeoSafari® Sedimentary Rock Collection, Set of 12

Rocks are formed and identified in one of three categories. These categories are called igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.  Sedimentary rocks are formed at the earth’s surface when wind, water and the weather have a direct effect on them. Through erosion, pieces of sand, soils and little pieces of rocks settle together and form layers and then harden. These layers can be seen in the rock, making it easily identifiable.

Children can become a “Petrologist” (someone who studies rocks) by digging into some serious fun with this fascinating rock collection kit.  The Sedimentary collection features 12 handpicked rock specimens, chosen for color, texture and their beauty. Each kit also includes an educational rock identification chart and activity guide.      Retail Price: $19.99 (price subject to change)

 Purchase at:



Igneous Rock Collection






Warning Label




GeoSafari® Igneous Rock Collection                              (Set of 12)

Rocks are classified into three catagories:  igneous, sedimentary and etamorphic.   This kit contains the igneous type which are formed when hot liquid rock is forced from deep in the earth to break through the earth’s surface.  As the rock hits the cool air or water it immediately cools and hardens becoming a “rock”.

Children can become a “Petrologist” (someone who studies rocks) by digging into some serious fun with this fascinating rock collection kit.  Each collection features 12 handpicked rock specimens, chosen for their color, texture and beauty.  Each kit also includes an educational rock identification chart to help kids identify what they find.    Kit also includes an activity guide.                             Retails for: $19.99 (price subject to change)

Purchase at:


Mineral Collection Kit







Warning Label



GeoSafari® Mineral Collection, Set of 12
Dig into some serious fun with this fascinating mineral collection kit. Each collection features 12 handpicked mineral specimens, chosen for their color, texture and beauty. Each kit also includes an educational mineral identification chart and activity guide.                            Retail Price:   $19.99 (price subject to change)                       

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This kit has everything you need to have hours of fun excavating two complete Velociraptor skeletons! You can use the tools provided to dig the fossils from the clay block, just follow the instructions to assemble them then pose them in any position. This kit includes 2 sets of skeleton bones, excavation tools, wax adhesive, modeling stand & a 32 page guide book including dino facts & history excavation tips, assembly instructions, and pages for your own dig notes” For ages 7+