Fractions Dominos Challenge Cards

Flash Card -Fraction DominosWant a “Fun and Easy” way to teach fractions – wholes through twelfths? You can match visual and numerical fractions as you increase students understanding of fractions, equivalent fractions, and graphic representations of actual fractional parts.  These versatile game-like activities extend learning and add fun while practicing skills and reviews. Activities can adapt to a range of skill levels. Use in the classroom, at home, or on the go. Packet includes 56 two-sided cards, 3 1/8” x 5 1/4”.  Ideal for teaching 4th Grade / Ages 9 & up.Available at all Utah Idaho Retail Stores

Attendance – Multi Use Pocket Chart


Pocket Chart CD5644This Attendance/Multiuse Pocket Chart is the easiest method of keeping track of daily class-room attendance. You can also use it to build a calendar, manage behavior, setting classroom goals, and much more! It measures approx. 30” x 37.5”.  Features include:  35 pockets for student cards - 1 pocket for header card - 35 two-sided student cards (3″” x 5″” each) - 1 “”Who’s Here Today?”” header card (21″” x 4″”) - Flame retardant material and durable construction - Sturdy grommets for easy hanging and - A teacher resource guide.

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How to Teach Art to Children

The book “How to Teach Art to Children contains background information, literature resources, and concise step-by-step directions for 96 art projects.  It helps students learn about the elements of art and then use these elements.  The book is divided into two parts:  Part one: Learning about the elements of art & Part two: Using the elements of art.  Teacher information pages provide:  (1)  definition of each art element (2) list of literature references (3) fine art examples that demonstrate the element.  And best of all each project and concept is supported by: (1)easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions (2) a complete list of materials needed (3) reproducible patterns.

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Teach Art to Children Book



With the JUMBO MAGNETIC SPIN WHEEL you can turn your whiteboard into an activity center for subject specific games & activities. This comes with a JUMBO 16″ magnetic wheel, 3 double sided write one/wipe off cards, teacher guide with 16 classroom management, math, language arts, readiness, & other activity suggestions.


Water Science Enhanced eBook


Science of Water eBookScience Action Labs Water Science Enhanced eBook

March 22nd is World Water Day.  Enjoy studying water with an eBook filled with opportunities. Students can discover for themselves the wonder of water, such as it covers three-fourths of the Earth’s surface, it is a part of all living things, it is the only substance on Earth that exists in three forms.  Water dissolves, evaporates, and has a skin.  Students will enjoy conducting a variety of experiments with water, solving challenges, and competing with one another in simple games.  There are quizzes to review what students have learned.  Grades 1 – 3

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CTP SHAMROCKS will be  10% OFF  ~ from 1 inch to 10 inch Shamrocks and a Bulletin Board Set

Shamrocks 6inch

Available at all Utah Idaho Retail Stores

SunWorks Construction Paper

SunWorks® Groundwood Construction Paper comes in 2 sizes:  9″ x 12″ and 12″ x 18″,  Pkg. contains 50 Sheets

SunWorks is:  brightly colored, all-purpose, high bulk, high strength, smooth textured heavyweight paper.  It has long, strong fibers that cut clean and fold evenly and won’t  crack.  It is made with a chemical-free pulping process to help ensure a cleaner environment for us.

SunWorks is completely recyclable and available in 29 solid colors.

Sunworks Construction PaperPerfect for all craft projects !

Waba Fun Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand
WABA Fun’s Kinetic Sand is their first product that breathes motion. THis “Easy-to-shape” sand molds into simple desktop designs and requires no water. Playing with it is magical and mesmerizing. It gives a sense of peace while creating.  Great for ages 3 and up.


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Melissa & Doug “My Own Mailbox”

M&D My Own Mailbox

” My Own Mailbox “        We all like getting letters!   Sending and receiving “mail” is even more fun with your own toy mailbox.  This one is complete with a bright red flag. The mailbox is made of sturdy wood and has letter and number stickers so kids can decorate & personalize it.  The front end hinged door opens making room for 2 post-cards, a ruled letter & envelope, all reusable with the wipe-clean crayons included in set.  And if you need more inspiration, drawing activities and play ideas are included to keep this letter box filled with fun, creative correspondence. Great in classrooms for notes to teachers.  Sure to please children ages 3 and up!

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Scholastic Monthly IDEA Books – December

Scholastic December

Will absolutely become your favorite go-to resource.  The December Monthly Idea Book will supplement all curriculums. It is 144 pages brimming with adorable patterns, creative ideas, motivational awards, bookmarks, crafts, bulletin-board suggestions, and much more! A great way to celebrate every  day in December!

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