Colorful examples and clear definitions make it easy to introduce key algebra concepts: Vocabulary, Properties, How to Solve An Equation, Order of Operations, Graphing, and Formulas.

Fractions Dominos Challenge Cards

Want a “Fun and Easy” way to teach fractions – wholes through twelfths? You can match visual and numerical fractions as you increase students understanding of fractions, equivalent fractions, and graphic representations of actual fractional parts.  These versatile game-like activities extend learning and add fun while practicing skills and reviews. Activities can adapt to a […]

Summer Fit Learning

        Is Your Child Ready for Eighth Grade ?   (1) Math –  geometry and advanced algebra concepts (2) Science – is weighty & hands-on, introducing lab reports.  Topics might include heredity, reproduction, and adaptation. (3) Language arts – persuasive and expository writing.  (Ability to infer meaning, to draw conclusions, and to […]

Farkle Game

Farkle is one of my families favorite games!  Age 5 and up but – we all play together using it as a way to strengthen math skills while having a great laugh.  Just hoping you won’t “Farkle”! BUY NOW!

Edu*press – Common Core Resources

Handy flip books put the new language arts and math standards at teachers’ fingertips! Help teachers apply standards to their current lesson plans and build additional lessons around Common Core requirements Each K–5 book features the complete Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy and Math for the individual grade level, 6 […]

THE MAILBOX Sets Standards for Meeting Standards

Common Core Lessons  –  Across the Curriculum Evan-Moor’s resources provide easy-to-use lessons that teach and practice basic reading, writing, math, and communication skills, all essential for Common Core mastery.  They evaluated their wealth of resources and identified a collection of titles as “Top Picks.”  The Common Core Top Picks:  1 Emphasize the basic skills found in […]

DIDAX – Activities for Money

  Using real or play money allows students to become familiar with coin names and their values.   Add dice to this and students catch on quickly as they engage in circle races, play Banking, Tic-Tac-Toe, Money Bingo, Go Around, and much more!  The more they play the more they  gain fluency in adding, subtracting, […]

DIDAX – Activities for Multiplications

Using ordinary dice can help your students develop a quick recall of multiplication facts.  These “Classroom-tested” activities reinforce number patterns while developing fluency with facts 2-12, and they emphasize commutative properties, as well as including probability and graphs.  The DVD “Dice Activites for Multiplication” features seven different types of activities that can be tailored to […]

Classroom Keepers® 6-Shelf Organizer & Drawers

  Pacon’s  6-Shelf Organizer is perfect for holding filler paper, handwriting paper and smaller sizes of art and construction paper.  Each slot measures  2-1/2″H x 10-1/2″W x 13-1/4″D.   You can use this just as it is or add the accessory drawers. The Drawers inside dimensions are 2-1/4″H x 10-1/4″W x 12-1/2″D and come in […]