Summer Fit Learning

Summer Fit Books 7-8

        Is Your Child Ready for Eighth Grade ?


(1) Math –  geometry and advanced algebra concepts

(2) Science – is weighty & hands-on, introducing lab reports.  Topics might include heredity, reproduction, and adaptation.

(3) Language arts – persuasive and expository writing.  (Ability to infer meaning, to draw conclusions, and to relate one passage to another)

(4) Social Studies – Participate in class discussions that relate the past to the present in detail.

Is your child ready to discuss topics with a guidance counselor, i.e.: high school, college, and even careers. Exploring all available paths to choose.Can your child organize?

Can he/she keep a journal of assignments and prioritize?

Summer Fit Workbooks will help your child retain and prepare them for a successful 8th grade year.



With the JUMBO MAGNETIC SPIN WHEEL you can turn your whiteboard into an activity center for subject specific games & activities. This comes with a JUMBO 16″ magnetic wheel, 3 double sided write one/wipe off cards, teacher guide with 16 classroom management, math, language arts, readiness, & other activity suggestions.


THE MAILBOX Sets Standards for Meeting Standards

Evan-Moore BooksCommon Core Lessons  –  Across the Curriculum

Evan-Moor’s resources provide easy-to-use lessons that teach and practice basic reading, writing, math, and communication skills, all essential for Common Core mastery.  They evaluated their wealth of resources and identified a collection of titles as “Top Picks.”  The Common Core Top Picks:  1 Emphasize the basic skills found in Common Core State Standards  2  Support the rigor of Common Core skill practice.

Classroom Resources That Work      Evan-Moor resources provide continuity and consistency through all grade levels. They are:  Research-based, Effective in helping students master core skills, Aligned to state standards and Common Core State Standard.

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Learning Resources Lights & Sounds Buzzers

LR Lights & Sounds BuzzersBoost student response during any class activity or game! Sounds mimic real-world objects—a siren, a game-show buzzer, a laser and a “charge!” sound.

  • Set of 4 includes red, blue, green, and orange
  • Each measures 3.5” in diameter
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries

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DIDAX – Activities for Money


DIDAX - Activities for Money

Using real or play money allows students to become familiar with coin names and their values.   Add dice to this and students catch on quickly as they engage in circle races, play Banking, Tic-Tac-Toe, Money Bingo, Go Around, and much more!  The more they play the more they  gain fluency in adding, subtracting, recognizing number patterns, and representing money using the cents or dollar sign.  An accompanying digital book with games that can be played on any interactive whiteboard or computer and projector.  Also, have you ever gotten frustrated when someone can’t count back change?  Classroom-tested activities in the book provides students with ample opportunities to practice money-related skills, including making change.  Awesome!

DIDAX – Dice Activities for Math

DIDAX - Math Activities

Want to make Math Fun?  You can use Didax’s fun dice games and activities to sharpen your students’ number skills!   All classroom – tested activities focus on the NCTM standard of number and operation, and  Dice Activities for Math also addresses the NCTM  process standards of reasoning, representation, computation, and communication!  Just using Dice makes children respond and have so much fun.

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Chenille Kraft Modeling Dough

CK - Modeling Dough

Chenille Krafts dough is made of the finest quality materials. All artists young or old will love the feel of this squeezable dough. Brilliant colors can be combined to create new colors. Non-toxic and non-staining.  There is a Primary Colors Bucket (4pkgs-3oz each) OR an Assorted Colors Bucket (8pkgs-4oz each as featured).

The solid color dough comes in 3.3 lb. tubs with secure-fitting lids to keep dough soft and pliable. Especially ideal for toddlers and young children. Colors include:  blue, white, green, orange, purple, red, yellow, or in an assorted set of 6.  CK-Modeling Dough 3.3#



Then there is the awesome 1# tubs of Modeling Dough in 6 multi cultural colors.  This dough is also non-toxic, non-staining, squeezable and comes in easy-to-store buckets.

CK Modeling Dough Multicultural


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Ashley Magnetic Erasers

Ashley Magnetic PAWS

Ashley Paws Magnetic Erasers measure 3.5 inches in diameter and stick to steel backed whiteboards, steel file cabinets and most other steel surfaces. They will add “PAW-ZAZ” to any Whiteboard.  Easily cleaned with good ol’ soap & water.  Available in: blue, green, gold, maroon, orange, purple, black, red, and then there are the Tiger, Cheetah, and Leopard print styles.  How fun and “Paw-erful”  your room can be!

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National Geographic Wall Maps

Nat Geo 1020567


The National Geographic Wall Maps have been designed especially for kids.  They are easy to read and will advance children’s understanding of the World and United States.  The maps measure 51″ X 40″ and are laminated for durability.  They are perfect for young learners and great for classrooms or kids bedrooms!

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TREND File n’ Save System


Trend File'n Save System


Trend has a brand new look for STORAGE!  It is called The File’n Save System.  This photo features the Chart Storage Box.  It is fabulous in organizing and protecting charts, classroom decor, student projects and so much more.  It is designed with a separate lid for easier loading and it has a reinforced base and handles with a side index.  It is 23″ X 6.5″ X 30.75″.  (Folders are sold separately.)


Look at Trend’s Bulletin Board Set Storage Box!  It is the safe way to store and organize all the parts of each of your Bulletin Boards Sets and any other classroom decorations you may.  It measures 18.75″ X 7.25″ X 27.5″ and has reinforced handles and a side index.  (File folders sold separately.)Trend Bulletin Board Storage Box



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