Color Me Eggs – by CTP

Color me eggs

Show the “Easter Bunny”  your coloring skills with these black-line eggs!

Each package contains:             12 each of  3 designs                                                                                         each are approx. 6″ x 6″ and acid-free.

Crayola 12 ct Crayons, Colored Pencils and Glitter Glue also on sale to aid in this creative project!

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Shamrocks 6inch

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Scholastic Monthly IDEA Books January

Scholastic January

From New Year’s Day to Jackie Robinson’s birthday—you’ll find everything you need to keep them connected and learning in January! THIS WILL BE  your favorite go-to resource. The January Monthly Idea Book will supplement any curriculum, it is brimming with great patterns, many creative ideas, children’s motivational awards, bookmarks, crafts, bulletin-board suggestions, and much much more! A great way to celebrate every special day in January!     But wait…. there is a book for each month. Yes January through December – like finding gold!  :)




Eureka Candy Land

Eureka Mini Reward Charts with stickers are a fun way to track progress and motivate students to do well.  You may even find them exceeding  challenging tasks just to “move ahead”!  This Package contains 36 charts and over 700 stickers!

Also available in the Candy Land theme are Deco Letters, Extra-wide Trim, Cut Outs, Sticker Book, Mini Bulletin Board Set, and a Birthday Chart.  Absolutely cute!

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Romanoff Lap TrayLook at this awesome Laptop Lap Tray. Sure to be a best-seller, and great for anyone. Perfect for kids to use in a  small group activity, or use as a party favor. Two side pockets can hold math manipulatives, crayons, coloring books or small toys.  Think of  how great these would be for kids in the car while traveling . . . NO MESS & NO LOST OR MELTED crayons!    Each tray has a Matte finish and measures 11.75″ x 22.5″ x 8.25″.

Available at all Utah Idaho retail stores.




Ask your children if they want to go outdoors for a hike, and listen to their moans of protest. But if you tell them you are going on a high-tech treasure hunt for a “geocache,” (pronounced geo-cash) and watch their excitement!

The outdoor adventure game of geocaching combines technology with the thrill of finding a hidden box of mystery prizes!  Who wouldn’t find it irresistible. There are advanced versions of the game which include multi-step puzzles, and trackable traveling objects such as geocoins and travel bugs.  Geocaching has never failed to fascinate the kids introduced to it, and it’s a great way to get children out of the door and onto the trail.

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Sidewalk Chalk





Sidewalk Chalk, 37 sticks
Reusable plastic tub holds 37 large (4″ x 1″ diameter) pieces of assorted colors. Non-toxic and washable.

Warning Label



Dice - 10 sided container10-Sided Dice in Dice, 72 ct
Double-decahedra dice cover twice the probability concepts!

• Features 10-sided shape on both interior and exterior die for teaching statistics, predictions and outcomes, plus more advanced probability concepts.
• Supports hands-on number and operations activities
• Includes plastic dice in 5 colors (outer dice measure 1″ each), plus storage container.

Warning Label

Dice - Alphabet

Alphabet Dice, 4 colors
30-sided alphabet dice contain Blue consonants, Red Vowels, the letter Y in Purple, and WILD is Green.







Dice in Dice Bucket, 72/pkg
Twice the Dice-Twice as Nice! Use these double dice to teach probability, predict numerical outcomes and track the statistical results of repeated rolls. Each brightly colored, translucent outer die holds a single, smaller, white die inside. Twice the dice means twice the math-and twice the learning! Set of 72 dice comes in a sturdy hexagonal tub for quick clean-up and easy storage. Outer dice measure 0.75″     Aligns with Common Core

Kenkraft Candy Sticks

Yummy old fashioned candy sticks are a classic treat! 

They come in a variety of colors and flavors like blueberry candy, bubblegum candy, cinnamon candy, hawaiian candy, marshmallow candy, watermelon candy or mystery flavor and many more.

This classic treat is available for purchase at each Utah Idaho Retail store.

Kenkraft Candy Sticks