Fractions Dominos Challenge Cards

Flash Card -Fraction DominosWant a “Fun and Easy” way to teach fractions – wholes through twelfths? You can match visual and numerical fractions as you increase students understanding of fractions, equivalent fractions, and graphic representations of actual fractional parts.  These versatile game-like activities extend learning and add fun while practicing skills and reviews. Activities can adapt to a range of skill levels. Use in the classroom, at home, or on the go. Packet includes 56 two-sided cards, 3 1/8” x 5 1/4”.  Ideal for teaching 4th Grade / Ages 9 & up.Available at all Utah Idaho Retail Stores

How to Teach Art to Children

The book “How to Teach Art to Children contains background information, literature resources, and concise step-by-step directions for 96 art projects.  It helps students learn about the elements of art and then use these elements.  The book is divided into two parts:  Part one: Learning about the elements of art & Part two: Using the elements of art.  Teacher information pages provide:  (1)  definition of each art element (2) list of literature references (3) fine art examples that demonstrate the element.  And best of all each project and concept is supported by: (1)easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions (2) a complete list of materials needed (3) reproducible patterns.

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Teach Art to Children Book

Answer Lights Set of 4

4 Light Game

Watch children count letter sounds and syllables or it can be used for multiple-choice classroom games!  The game features four connected lights (red, blue, yellow, green) that tap on and stay on until turned off.  Each light is labeled with both a number and a letter i.e.; 1, 2, 3, 4 & A, B, C, D. Game has 4 bars,  each measures approximately 6 3/4″W.  AFull Activity Guide also included.   Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. Grades PreK+ or Ages 3+

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State & International Flags

Utah State FlagOur Utah State flag is based on the 1860 design by the Daughters of the American Revolution. The original DAR design had the arms of the state seal in white on a blue field, however in 1913, the seal was changed to a full color design in a thin gold circle. Highlighted the coat of arms shows: a shield with a beehive between sego lilies with the state motto “Industry” at top, and the state name below. An eagle with war arrows in its talons is above the shield, and U.S. flags flank the sides.   We cary Miniature desk flags in sizes 4×6 inch and 8 x 12 inch.  Indoor flags with pole sleeve and gold fringe are available in sizes 3×5 ft. and 4×6 ft and outdoor sizes 12 X 18 inches, 2×3 ft., 3×5 ft., 4×6 ft., 5×8 ft., and 6 X 10 ft available by special order. Remember the 4th of July is just around the corner and we carry American Flags ! US Flag 


Summer Fit Learning

Summer Fit Books 7-8

        Is Your Child Ready for Eighth Grade ?


(1) Math –  geometry and advanced algebra concepts

(2) Science – is weighty & hands-on, introducing lab reports.  Topics might include heredity, reproduction, and adaptation.

(3) Language arts – persuasive and expository writing.  (Ability to infer meaning, to draw conclusions, and to relate one passage to another)

(4) Social Studies – Participate in class discussions that relate the past to the present in detail.

Is your child ready to discuss topics with a guidance counselor, i.e.: high school, college, and even careers. Exploring all available paths to choose.Can your child organize?

Can he/she keep a journal of assignments and prioritize?

Summer Fit Workbooks will help your child retain and prepare them for a successful 8th grade year.



With the JUMBO MAGNETIC SPIN WHEEL you can turn your whiteboard into an activity center for subject specific games & activities. This comes with a JUMBO 16″ magnetic wheel, 3 double sided write one/wipe off cards, teacher guide with 16 classroom management, math, language arts, readiness, & other activity suggestions.




MAGFORMERS is one of our best sellers. Kids love these! These Magformers Triangles will be a great addition to any Magformers collection. Come and pick some up today!



Summer Bridge Activities 3-4

When school takes a summer recess … don’t let your child’s learning recess! Summer Bridge Activities® is an award winning series of workbooks aligned to Common Core State Standards.  It was developed to assist parents in supporting their child’s academics year-round.  In just 15 minutes a day, the activities in the Summer Bridge Activities® workbook will help your child’s skills remain sharp and give them a feeling of confidence entering fourth grade. Each book is divided into 3 sections corresponding to each month of traditional summer vacation. Each section begins with a goal-setting activity, a word list, and information for parents regarding the fitness and character development activities throughout the section. As an extension there are activities that encourage outdoor learning, science experiments, and social studies. As a bonus flash cards and a colorful award certificate are included. It’s all you need for learning fun all summer long!

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Pretend & Play School

Pretend & Play® School, 38″ long x 16″ high, Set of 149
Playing school encourages curiosity and makes children feel more comfortable when they attend school for the first time. This 149-piece set includes everything you need for the ultimate pretend classroom: gradebook, stickers, hall passes, clock, bell, dry-erase board, calendar, double-sided map, and much more in a convenient trifold board. Made of nylon with hook-and-loop fastener pockets. Measures 38″ long x 16″ high.