Oh Christmas Tree – Simple Christmas Craft Idea

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oh christmas tree - finished copy

Don’t you just love this time of year? And don’t you just love when your little kiddos want to “help” with Christmas tree? Then lucky you, ends up with broken ornaments etc. etc. Why not just help the kiddos make their OWN tree! It’s SO easy! This cute little tree only requires THREE supplies. And… best of all, NO GLUE NEEDED! That sure just makes you smile doesn’t it?!  Merry Christmas to you!

This craft would also be very easy and inexpensive to do in a classroom setting! –Teaches the kids problem solving too (when/if the tree doesn’t stand up on the first try)

only 3 supplies copy


The Supplies:

–          Green and Brown Construction Paper

–          Paper clips

–          Pom Poms



Christmas Tree Craft Paper Strips

Step One: Cut brown and dark green construction paper into 3” strips. For the size of tree that I made I used 4 Sheets of Brown Construction paper and 5 sheets of Dark Green construction paper.



Step Two:

Begin by rolling the strips of paper into rolls and use a paperclip to keep the roll attached. *Note: You may have to assist little children when doing this step because I noticed that the bigger rolls didn’t have very much support later on when I tried to stand it up. And you want to try to make each roll around the same size.




Step three: Continue to roll all of the strips of paper until you have made the shape of a tree.


Step four: Link the rows of paper rolls together with paperclips. **Note: you only need the paperclip on one side of the rows. At first I put a paperclip on both sides but later took most off due to the weight caused my tree to topple over.

Step 5: Put a paper clip through each Pom Pom (you may need to do this part). You want the Pom Pom to be attached to the end part of the paperclip. Because then what happens is….


Step 6. You will use that same paperclip (with the Pom Pom attached) to link the rows together to create your Christmas tree!





Step 7: Create the base of your tree by tightly rolling each brown strip and attaching them to the bottom row of your tree. ** This part takes a little bit of problem solving… You want the tree to be able to stand – so you may have to try it a few times and add more brown rolls/ take off as many paper clips off the tree as you can (minus the paper clips with the Pom Poms of course :) )











Then voila! Your child/ student has his/her very own Christmas Tree!







FINSIHED tree:                                                                       Other variations of the tree:

–          You could use toilet paper rolls as the base of the tree

–          You could use real ornaments rather than pom poms

–          Make the tree as big as you want by adding extra rolls of paper



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