Autumn Inference

FREE DOWNLOAD at Teachers Pay Teachers Pinterest: Teachers Pay Teachers: Solve a riddle a day every day to give your students daily practice inferring, identifying and answering key questions, and building vocabulary. These fall riddles are a form of informational text. Solving riddles is a fun-filled and engaging way to lay the groundwork for early […]

Back to School Ideas has some great back to school ideas for teachers! They have free teaching printables, games and tons of fun activities for your students and kids. Even join their 20,000+ email subsribers and get a free lesson planner book!               Lots of fun activities for students to learn about […]

All Kinds of Lined Paper

Maybe this will be helpful for your class or student as school starts.  ALL kinds of lined paper! Kindergarten Lined Paper, Primary Lined Paper, Spalding-inspired Lined Paper… You name it and has you covered!   Get your paper here at

First Day of School Activity

While on Pinterest this morning I ‘Liked’ a fun activity for students and thought I’d ‘Share’… okay I’m done with the jokes.  Be sure to check out the cutest blog on the block! Pinterest: Creator’s site: Here is the direct link to download one for yourself or your classroom!

Teaching Children not to be RUDE!

While scrolling through Pinterest I came across this picture (below) of toothpaste emptied out onto a plate. Its an simple activity about being kind and the affects of bullying others. If you haven’t had a chance to try this activity be sure to at least give this article a read through! Pinterest: Creator’s site: […]

DIY Fathers Day Cards

Father’s Day is coming up fast!  If your dad is one in a “minion” than look no further on a great home made card for dad. Find even more ideas for the kids to make at either of the links below! Pinterest: Creator’s site:   Get the latest and greatest from crayola to […]

Squirt Gun Painting – Activity

What a GREAT activity to help keep the kids active and entertained all summer long! The Creator’s Site: Pinterest: Supplies: 1- PAINT! 2- Squirt guns of your choice. 3- Large sheets of paper.   Directions:(simple) Simply fill up the squirt guns with paint, aim and fire! You may want to add water to […]

End of Year – Activity

Need a fun activity for the last week of school? Here’s a cute idea for your class we found on Pinterest. The creators site: Memory Wheels – First Day, Last Day, and Any Day in Between!   This looks like a fun reflecting activity for any age group. Also, a great time filler […]

Paper Umbrellas – Craft

Here is a fun craft idea we found on Pinterest: The authors website link is: FUN PAPER UMBRELLAS At first glance, I think this is a fun craft idea.  But, it is just a sign.  I think little kids (I have three of them, so I would know) would have just as much […]