Back to School Dash 2012

Our back to School Dash 2012 will be on:
Friday, July 13th at 8:00 AM

The Back to School Dash is our way of kicking off the Back to School season with a bang! Come join us for morning full of fun and prizes! We will also have representatives on hand from some of the biggest names in education; Carson Delosa, Trend, Scholatic, and more. It is the event you don’t want to miss!

Last year we only had the Back to School dash at our West Jordan location. Due to the success of the event and customer interest in having the dash in more locations, we have decided to have the event at all 5 of our locations. So, attend and win at the location closest to you.

How do you enter?
As customers show up the morning of Friday, July 13th 2012; they will be able to fill out a slip of paper entering for a chance to dash and / or win other prizes we will be giving out throughout the morning.

How do you win?
Contestants will be chosen at random, by drawing from entries that have been submitted. Note: In order to dash, or win a prize, the person whose name is selected must be present. For this reason, entries will only be accepted the morning of the event by customers who are present and ready to dash.

How does the dash work?
Utah Idaho Supply / Map World will have a per-selected list of items that center on a theme. The customer will be given the list and allowed a few seconds to create a game plan. The customer will then have 1 minute to dash around the store gathering the items on the list.

In general the items on the list will be classroom supplies a teacher would need to start the year off right. A sample list would have 10 items and have an alphabet theme. Such a list could include:
– 1 package of ready letters
– 1 package of name plates (that have the alphabet on them)
– 1 letter strip (for on the wall in a classroom)
– 1 package of writing paper
– 1 package of alphabet stickers
– 1 package of alphabet flash cards
– 1 package of alphabet magnets
– 1 scalloped border with letters on it
– 2 yards of butcher paper
– 1 alphabet puzzle

Will we you get to see the lists in advance?
Good question… that depends on whether or not I get the lists done prior to the light before the event. We’ll do our best to get them created in advance and have the lists posted on this page a few days before the event.

How long will the dash go?
We anticipate the event will not take longer than an hour. After which the store will open for business.

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