Core Values


Company Values
Customer Service – Win customers through superior service, by giving a little bit more than what is expected.
Professionalism – Create an atmosphere inviting to our core customer.
Cleanliness – Our store are always clean, straightened, and vacuumed.
Teamwork – Understanding that progress requires we work together.
Expertise – Be knowledgeable about our products, services, and operations.
Opportunity – Seize current opportunity; create opportunity where it has the potential to exist.

Personal Values
Integrity – Stand up for what is morally right; fulfill your commitments, responsibilities, and promises.
Passion (Enthusiasm) – Love what you do and show it through all your actions.
Respect – Show respect to co-works and superiors through your speech and actions.
Positive – Have a “Can Do Attitude”
Accountability – Accept responsibility for your actions.
Excellence – Be superior in your daily performance.

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