Liquid Measuring Set Set of 19

Liquid Measuring Set, Set of 19 This deluxe set is the perfect sized classroom set for learning measurement equivalents. Students practice customary capacities, liquid measurement and metric conversions with suggested activities included. Made of durable plastic, each piece is clearly marked to provide years of use. Includes Activities Guide. 19 piece set includes: • Liquid […]

electric MOTOR GENERATOR by Science Discovery Kits

Electric Motor/Generator Kit This motor/generator actually powers a light bulb. Kit includes: disc, latch and Neodymium magnets, compass, wire, sand paper, spring, paper clips, predrilled wood block, iron cores, nuts, nails, screws, bolts, light emitting diode (LED), plastic plates and tubes. This kit is great for learning about motors & electricity & how they work […]


Magnetic Whiteboard Erasers, Set of 4 Get more mileage out of your erasers! Die-cut racecar erasers glide easily, yet are magnetic, so they stick where you put them. Plus, colorful numbered cars (1-4) track progress toward goals or allow you to create a whiteboard game. Measure 4-1/2″L x 1″W x 2-1/2″H. BUY NOW

Wooden Railway Set, Set of 132 pieces

Wooden Railway Set, 28-3/4″ x 17-3/4″ x 6″, Set of 132 pieces This amazing set includes everything needed for railway fun: a spacious roundhouse engine shed, dozens of tracks in curves and straights, trees, workers and even traffic signs. There are multi-piece trains and magnetic-tipped cranes, switches and a T-junction for passing lanes. A suspension […]

Math in a Flash™ Division Bingo

Math in a Flash™ Division Bingo Have fun with math facts with this classroom favorite! Designed to correspond with Math in a Flash flash cards, these bingo-style games highlight number families 0-12. Each game includes a reproducible fact chart; 36, 7″ x 9″ playing cards; 169 calling cards and 500 bingo markers. BUY NOW

Playground Ball, 8 1/2″ diameter, Purple

Playground Ball, 8 1/2″ diameter, Purple Fun, purple playground ball can be used on all surfaces. Bounce it in the gym, throw it around the beach or take it outside for street play. It has two-ply nylon-wound construction and is water-resistant. 8 1/2″ round and made of two-ply nylon. BUY NOW