Clearplay DVD player

Retail 119.99

On sale in-store for $89.99 (while supplies last – subscription sold separately)


ClearPlay is a DVD player that enables your family to enjoy all of the great Hollywood movies you’ve always wanted to watch—without all of the junk you don’t want.

The ClearPlay DVD player seamlessly skips and mutes content based on 12 categories that you can set. ClearPlay Filters are hand-crafted by at team of Filter Developers who watch the movie and masterfully select where the player will remove content.

ClearPlay works with thousands of movies. New Filters are generally made available the same day as new releases.
Filters are then made available to members via a very easy-to-use download process. You can then copy the entire Filter library to your FilterStik™. Once inserted into your ClearPlay player any movie will automatically be filtered.

Get yours this Christmas at Utah Idaho Supply / Map World…. A family friendly store.