Magformers 14/30-Rainbow Piece Sets

Winner of Oppenheim Toy Portfolio – Best Toy Award! 2007, Magformers are magnets completely encapsulated inside plastic geometric shapes that rotate to their attraction position for instant connection and never reject! Create countless imaginative and creative geometric structures. Creative minds love the freedom of the Magformers magnetic building sets! Magnets form into a sphere, house, […]

Magformers Carnival Set

Magformers newest creation, the Carnival Set (RP63074), is both entertaining and educational. Build the thrill rides shown and then experiement with different Magformer connections to create you own unique Carnival ride! Explore and experiment with three geometric shapes to create simple and complex 3-D models. Set includes 144 super powerful encapsulated magnets in 24 Squares, […]

Magformers XL/Cruiser/Emergency/Construction Set

Magformer magnets are safely encapsulated inside sturdy, brightly-colored plastic geometric shapes and spin freely to align and connect. Magformers XL Cruisers (RP63073) is a magnetic building set designed to create 3-D cruisers with ease. 30 piece magnetic building set includes 16 squares, 12 triangles, and 2 Hexagons pieces with 112 magnets, as well as a […]

Magformers Designer Set

New from Magformers! Feel the magnetic force and have countless hours of fun exploring the Magformer connection possibilities! Designer Set (RP63081) comes with 244 super powerful encapsulated magnets. Design and build many designs with the various pieces (20 triangles, 14 isosceles triangles, 22 squares, 4 diamonds an…d 2 trapezoids). Get it now at Utah Idaho […]

Fun Ladies Designer Hand Bags

Check out our line of fun Ladies Designer Hand Bags here at Utah Idaho Supply. They come in a variety of styles – school buses, patterns, poke-a-dots, lips, hearts, beach, and many more! Each retailed at the great price of ONLY $3.99!!! Visit Utah Idaho Supply – YouTube

Science Project Ideas Level 3

What type of line carries sound waves best? Can the sun’s energy be used to clean water? Does a green plant add oxygen to its environment? Which metal conducts heat best? What percentage of corn seeds in a package will germinate? Does an earthworm react to light and darkness? Does the human tongue have definite […]

Experts in Education – Math

Mary Margaret Pingree with Utah Idaho Supply, shares some fun ways to help kids brush-up on math. ——————————————————————————– Item #1 Counting with Coins Play fun games with numbers while you are driving in the car, waiting to pick up someone at soccer practice or lying on the grass in the backyard. Each takes only a […]