www.uischoolsupply.com sells the Chalk It Up Classroom Job Board Set by CTP.

Add color and panache to classrooms, hallways, doors, and common areas with the vibrant, coordinated look in this chart pack. Includes a welcome chart, class rules chart, birthday chart, learning standards, and a blank chart. Use the blank chart to display announcements, learning objectives, and more!

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Back to School Ideas


www.playdoughtoplato.com has some great back to school ideas for teachers! They have free teaching printables, games and tons of fun activities for your students and kids. Even join their 20,000+ email subsribers and get a free lesson planner book!               Lots of fun activities for students to learn about […]

All Kinds of Lined Paper


Maybe this will be helpful for your class or student as school starts.  ALL kinds of lined paper! Kindergarten Lined Paper, Primary Lined Paper, Spalding-inspired Lined Paper… You name it and pagingsupermom.com has you covered! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/1337074867319825/ http://pagingsupermom.com/2012/08/every-lined-paper-under-sun/   Get your paper here at www.uischoolsupply.com

First Day of School Activity


While on Pinterest this morning I ‘Liked’ a fun activity for students and thought I’d ‘Share’… okay I’m done with the jokes.  Be sure to check out the cutest blog on the block! http://teachingstarstudents.blogspot.jp/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/18084835976611779/ Creator’s site: http://teachingstarstudents.blogspot.jp/2012/07/made-it-monday-7.html Here is the direct link to download one for yourself or your classroom! https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B54DfyLEGphIRDJBY1ZtdU1ud2c/edit

The Koala family wants to travel the world, but first they’ve got to get dressed! Help them find a few outfits in this fun, matching game, but watch out for the underwear dice roll. It just might put a wrinkle in your plans! Collect five outfits first, and you win! Includes bonus memory game.
Great for early learning and child development!

TREND stopped by to show us some fun, new ways to decorate your room or classroom!